Earthquake strengthening, Wellington and beyond

At Petone Engineering we specialise in structural steel beams and seismic strengthening.
seismic strengthening

Seismic work is a big part of the Wellington Construction scene

Petone Engineering is one of a few Wellington Companies with SFC (Steel Fabricator Certification). This quality management accreditation, along with the audit process required to maintain it, ensures high quality and traceability. Giving you and the consultants piece of mind that the job will be performed correctly. A QA file will be provided upon completion with all the relevant documents for the consultant and council compliance.
seismic strengthening
earthquake strengthening
earthquake strengthening

Seismic work is well known to change and shift as the project gets going. Petone Engineering is based locally meaning modifications or changes can be performed with a quick turn around and minimal disruption to the project.

Our CNC beamline, one of only a few in Wellington, performs quick and economical machining of unusual slots and holes required for brackets and custom fabrications.

Our experienced installers are used to working in the often-challenging environments of seismic work from installing steel beams in concrete 500mm away from the bed and dresser of a tenanted apartment or working over the top of running machinery to installations over shelves of supermarket food products.

Our purpose is to help our customers run efficiently and this means on time and to budget. Our mentality towards the work is to minimise expenses and disruptions to the project.

One method we use to ensure this is drilling the fixing holes prior to fabricating the brackets. Often we find the proposed hole structure wont work due to hitting reinforcing steel or because of geometric restrictions. In this case we apply a credit for the original bracket including installation. We then price the new custom bracket. This way you only pay for one bracket.

beam liner steel beams
CNC beamline
beam liner cutting steel beams
CNC beamline

Get in touch today to book your time slot and secure Petone Engineering to complete your next seismic project.

At Petone Engineering we tailor our services to meet your requirements.

Our team is well equipped with the necessary tools for working offsite, including welder generators and inverter welders. That means no matter where you are we can weld and work onsite with our own power sources.

Out Of Hours: For businesses requiring out of hours support, we can certainly provide this to provide minimal disruption to workflow.

Regions Covered: We are based in Petone and support the greater Wellington region. This includes Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti Coast, Wairarapa and Wellington city.

Case Study | Kensway Consultants

Kensway Consultants undertakes property consulting, project management and quantity surveying. They pride themselves on doing things “Ken’s Way”, in tribute to the CEO’s father, Ken Angus, meaning to the highest standards possible.

One of their projects, involving a URM upgrade on apartments in central Wellington, suffered a serious setback. The day before work was due to start their contractor pulled out, leaving them severely in the lurch. Missing this deadline meant incurring big fines as well as missing out on government funding. Disaster.

seismic strengthening wellington

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