Structural Steel Beams

When ordering structural steel, remember to always confirm your standard steel beam dimensions before the steel beams are delivered to your door. This is because what they call the beam, does not relate to its exact sizing.

Standard Steel Beam Dimensions

Our Standard Steel Beam Sizes

U Beam

Height and beam width measured in mm.

structural steel beams

Height and width measured in mm.

PFC seismic strengthening

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Structural Steel Beams for Commercial or Residential

Our services include:
  • FREE quotes for the manufacture and installation of steel beams.
  • Fabrication of steel beams, posts and lintels.
  • Supply of structural steel beams
  • On-site installation
  • Advice and recommendations
  • Painting and/or galvanising of the steel (if required).
  • On-site welding of beams and posts, where required.
  • Free on-site advice for builders

Featured Case Study | The District

The District is a new build in Petone, Wellington, comprising of 44 apartments and a commercial retail space on the ground floor. Upon completion of this project we applied 1100m2 of paint and supplied and installed over 1.5 kilometres of structural steel.

structural steel

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