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30 Waring Taylor Street

Petone Engineering was contracted to carry out the seismic strengthening of the building at 30 Waring Taylor Street.


  • Steel weight – 83 tonnes
  • Estimated hours – 9,871


The seismic upgrade of the building at 30 Waring Taylor Street was always going to be a challenging project.

As a historic building it has a façade that can’t be altered, and being on a smaller street between Lambton and Customhouse Quays makes the logistics for truck deliveries and cranes difficult. A third factor is the neighbouring buildings hard against it on two sides, which makes access difficult and adds to the complexity of the work.

With a number of the existing structural elements of the building needing to be altered to allow the installation of the new seismic works, a large amount of preliminary and temporary works were required to keep the structure safe until the new steelwork was fully installed.


Client: LT McGuinness
Location: 30 Waring Taylor Street, Central Wellington
Consultant: Dunning Thornton Consultants Ltd.


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