Petone Engineering is SFC Certified

Steel Fabricator Certification (SFC) ensures New Zealand fabricators manufacture structural steel to international best practice standards.

How safety critical is your project? SFC certification offers the highest level of quality management assurance available in the structural steel fabrication industry in New Zealand.

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Our SFC qualification certifies our high standard and quality of work specifically in relation to low to medium rise buildings (residential apartments, retail), along with high risk, high consequence structures such as high rise buildings, post disaster buildings (e.g. hospitals), buildings of national interest, e.g. airports, train stations and other buildings of high seismic demand. What other New Zealand engineering company can give you this kind of reassurance?

SFC Certification ensures New Zealand steel fabricators manufacture product to the highest quality. This gives an assurance of a quality product with consistent performance, offering far less risk for engineers, builders and building officials.

Petone Engineering is also a Platinum Ordinary Member of HERA, a catalyst for research, innovation and development.

Featured Case Study | The District

The District is a new build in Petone, Wellington, comprising of 44 apartments and a commercial retail space on the ground floor. Upon completion of this project we applied 1100m2 of paint and supplied and installed over 1.5 kilometres of structural steel.

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