Our Engineering Services

Earthquake Strengthening | Wellington and Beyond

Leveraging our years of engineering experience across the wider Wellington region, we understand the location and the challenges. We can custom-engineer specific components required on an individual site basis and offer tailored structural steel options.

earthquake strengthening
seismic strengthening
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seismic strengthening

Seismic Strengthening

Apartments, high rises, commercial buildings, bridges, tunnels, specialty structures, heritage sites; we have done it all. We can custom engineer specific components on an individual site basis and tailor structural steel options to suit your needs.

Our purpose is to help our customers run efficiently, on time and to budget, to minimise expenses and disruptions to your project.

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Commercial Builds

Our team of skilled and fabricators and installers can take care of your commercial installation, from medium to large scale sites. Our modern plant, equipment and management procedures ensure accurate and timely job management.

A QA file will be provided upon completion of works, with all relevant documents for the consultant and council compliance.

Our Engineering Services

We specialise in structural steel beams and seismic strengthening work around the Wellington region

To learn more about our engineering services, please contact us. Or simply phone 04 586 5518.