DRD Builders

DRD Builders are a busy local construction company working right across the Wellington region on a variety of high end residential renovations, extensions and new build projects. Petone Engineering works closely with their crew, providing custom made structural steel solutions and design features.

The Challenge

One such project required lifting a weatherboard home up, enabling a new room to be built underneath.  For this excavation to take place, Petone Engineering built temporary steel propping beams to support the original house during the excavation. With excavation complete, and permanent supports in place, these temporary beams were removed. Petone Engineering built these beams in 9 short lengths that bolted together. Designing them in such short lengths meant that they were easy to handle in, and around the site, but will be a very useful piece of DRD Builders toolkit for use on future sites.


“DRD Builders are the type of local residential construction companies that we like to work with. They do lots of interesting projects, are a professional company and good to work with. It is also great to see a company that can see the value of investing in some clever kit that will last them for many years.” – Chris Molenaar, Petone Engineering.

In the Client’s Words

“We used to get our structural steel from elsewhere. But 2 – 3 years ago we started working with Petone Engineering and they now do it all. They also do specialist custom made engineering for us, such as balustrades, handrails and structural brackets. I just give Chris a call and he comes on site. We tell him what we are trying to achieve and he sorts it out. Their service is always good. Their estimating is good and if there are any problems they just fix it. Time frames are always tight but there’s no drama.” – Jesse Dyson, owner of DRD Builders

Fast Facts:

  • Built beams in 9 short lengths that bolted together.
  • Adding to DRD’s future build kit.
  • Specialist custom made engineering.
  • Designs that last for years to come.