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Originally a two-man operation, Petone Engineering has steadily grown, with a completely modernised plant and machinery. Our focus is always on quality and ways we can improve the service we provide. An important part of demonstrating and continuing to build our level of service are the certifications, accreditations and memberships we hold.
Petone Engineering has significant experience in earthquake strengthening of commercial buildings and apartments throughout the Wellington region. We are frequently called on to provide specialist advice and assistance in this area.
Petone Engineering Team Wellington
Petone Engineering Team
Chris Molenaar
Chris Molenaar, Managing Director of Petone Engineering
structural steel

Petone Engineering is one of only a few Wellington Companies with SFC (Steel Fabricator Certification). Find out what this means for your project.

We specialise in the following areas:

HERA | staying one step ahead in the metals industry.

We are proud to be a Platinum member of HERA, New Zealand’s Heavy Engineering Research Association.

Our membership gives us access to research and development, consultancy, technical advice, industry training and advocacy. Also, being members of HERA means we can leverage expert, independent third-party certification and verification services so you can feel more confident in the work we deliver. Read more about how we became members of HERA. 

SiteWise Green Health and Safety certification

SiteWise Green | certified Health and Safety.

Having SiteWise Green status demonstrates our commitment to maintaining effective health and safety systems and processes for the benefit of our employees and our clients.

As a prequalification tool, SiteWise green allows member principals and main contractors to see just how good our health and safety systems are, and gives assurance that we can meet their requirements.

SSCC | making sustainable steel.

Accreditation to the Sustainable Steel Council Charter shows that we operate both a sustainable business, and provide products that meet appropriate sustainability criteria.

Factors considered in the assessment process include, among others, minimising climate change emissions, reduction of waste streams, and improving employee well-being.

Sponsorships | Petone Rugby Club & Petone Boxing Gym.

As an active part of our local community, and recognising the wide range of life skills and other benefits that playing sports brings to kids and adults alike, Petone Engineering are proud to sponsor local sports clubs.

We currently sponsor the Petone Rugby Club and the Petone Boxing Gym (Martin Degnan’s Gym).

Petone Rugby
Petone Boxing Club

To learn more about our engineering services, please contact us. Or simply phone 04 586 5518.